Dana Suchow is an award-winning speaker & educator, giving parents, teachers and caregivers the tools they need to raise body confident kids!


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Are you hearing “bad body” or “diet talk” in your home or school and have no idea how to address it? Do you want to prevent eating disorders in kids before they start?

Dana offers onsite and offsite lectures, workshops, small group roundtables, and 1:1 training for parents, teachers and caregivers.


Since overcoming Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder and exercise compulsion that resulted in permanent injuries, Dana Suchow has become an expert in the field of body image and eating disorder prevention. Offering a nonclinical and holistic approach, Dana will teach you how to put your child on a path towards body love, empowerment and self-acceptance.

Dana is an international speaker, and for years she has worked with audiences of 10 to auditoriums of over 1,000. She is a frequent Summit Panelist and Keynote Speaker, and has given 15 minute talks to 3 hour workshops. Dana works with all school levels, from Elementary School to College, appearing in person or by video.

“I’m a teacher of the deaf/hard of hearing that works with students with hearing loss. Thank you Dana for your work and being so open. The thousands of messages you address are so important!” 
— Tay
“My mom is 64 and finally learning to love her body. Thank you. For her, and for me, and for all the people who find something to love about themselves through your work. Thank you.”
— Kelly Kate
“What Dana is doing is truly amazing and inspiring! I wish this kind of info was around for my parents and teachers when I was growing up! Thank you for protecting and giving voices to kids.”
— Eirelan