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Dana’s work is a testament to the critical role adults play in the development of a child's self-esteem. To beat eating disorders, adult education is crucial.

"We need more people like Dana in this world. She is an inspiration and I want to thank her so much for making me feel beautiful and letting me know it’s ok to not be perfect. Thank you thank you thank you Dana for your help!"


"Thank you so much for your work, Dana, you are my hero, and I truly mean that. You give me such hope for the future and for my children. You are genuine and whole heartedly making this world a better place."

— Becca

“I want to reiterate my sincere gratitude for the workshop. It was absolutely wonderful to meet Dana and to participate in that great event along with one of my closest friends. Please come back to Chicago!”

— Jessica

“I have been feeling so down lately and in the past two days I cried my eyes out with self loathing and pity. The class Dana taught was just what I needed to shift my mindset.”

— Bianca

“What Dana is doing is truly amazing and inspiring! I wish this kind of info was around for my parents and teachers when I was growing up! Thank you for protecting and giving voices to kids.”